1. Define

I hope the questionnaire helped you to identify your specific platforms and technology. If not, define your target platforms and assistive technologies you want to incorporate in your design solution.

Requirements: Paper and Pen, Markers, Post-its, Whiteboard, Technologies, Platforms

  • List all types of platforms that will be used for your design solution: Here you need to decide on target platforms like Desktop, Mobile Phone, Phablet or any other Screen based interface
  • List all the possible Assistive technologies related to that platform: Based on a specific platform you will need to decide the related assistive technologies. Assistive Technologies like:

Screen Readers: Screen readers read the digital text in an auditory format for the people with visual impairments.
Screen Magnifiers: Screen Magnifiers magnify the screen for the users with low vision and color blindness using various settings like change the color contrast and change of the text size.
Keyboard Only: Users who cannot use mouse because of physical impairments (paralysis, arthritis, tremor) only use keyboard.
Speech Recognition Software: Like Dragon Naturally Speaking software helps users to navigate the applications using voice commands.
Text-to-Speech: Text-to-speech software highlights and reads the text aloud for the users with cognitive and learning impairments.

For Example:  For, I have identified following platforms and assistive technologies:

1. Platform: Desktop and Laptop

2. Assistive technologies for Web: Screen Readers, Screen Magnifiers, Speaking Software, Only Keyboard solution